Organization of the Company

Organization of the Company
Departments Work responsibilities
Internal Audit Office Review and assess the rationality and effectiveness of the Company's internal control system and various management systems and provide recommendations for improvement to promote business efficiency and effective implementation of internal controls.
General Manager
  • Take charge of industry analysis, market investigation, and the Company’s overall operation planning.
  • Development and execution of mid-to-long term operational strategies in the Company.
  • Supervise and manage the organizational operation and system of each department.
Administration Division
  • Take charge of the treatment of the Company’s budget, finance, tax, accounting and financial analysis.
  • Review contracts and provide legal consultation services.
Human Resource Division
  • Take charge of HR planning, talent recruitment, and formulate policies for salaries and rewards.
  • Care for employees and cultivate the Company’s future management.
  • Manage the Company’s administrative affairs and promote corporate culture.
Operating Division
  • Manage and operate stores.
  • Offer work training to store employees.
  • Respond to and manage customer complaints.
Marketing Division
  • Convey the Company’s business concept.
  • Implement the Company’s marketing activities.
  • Build and maintain the Company’s brand image.
Product Division
  • Purchase and manage main ingredients for food and consumables.
  • Develop and manage new suppliers.
  • Develop new products and menu.
Store Development Division
  • Take charge of market business circle evaluation and store construction planning and project management.
  • Maintain and repair store equipment regularly.
Occupational Safty and Health Management Office Establish various occupational safety systems and labor safety and health management.
Corporate Planning Office
  • Plan the Company’s business policy, and middle- and long-term operation strategies.
  • Prepare the Sustainability Report.
  • Build the Company’s network architecture, formulate information security policy and maintain information equipment and management information system.
Quality Management Office
  • Establish and supervise food safety system.
  • Establish food ingredients specifications confirmation, ingredients compliance check, and traceability system.
  • Regularly update and implement food laws and regulations.