Message from Chairman

Kura Sushi Asia Co., Ltd. aiming at “Food Revolution”, is committed to providing delicious and safe products, as well as providing consumers with a unique dining experience in a comfortable and fun dining environment. In the future, we will focus on the Asian market and make our services available to many consumers.

The subsidiary wholly owned by Kura Sushi, Inc. was established in Taiwan in 2014, and Songjiang Nanjing store, the first store, was grand opened in December of the same year. Throughout our journey, we have always adhered to our business philosophy, and we have never stopped trying and reforming in order to enter the Asian market. In addition to our Company’s unique services, such as Sendo-kun (original sushi capsule), BIKKURA-PON! game (toys acquiring game), express delivery lane, etc., we hope that while developing and introducing innovative services, we can continue to cultivate the Asian market and deliver our services to more consumers. Kura Sushi Asia Co., Ltd. will continue to operate and grow steadily to live up to your expectations.

Chairman and President
Kentaro Nishikawa
About Kura Sushi Corporation

Since its establishment in Osaka in 1977, Kura Sushi has set the goal of “Food Revolution”, and continues to expand its business territory, while pursuing customer satisfaction, product originality, and store uniqueness in the conveyor belt sushi industry.

In 1987, the Company was the first to introduce the E-type revolving conveyor belt, and in 1996, the plate counter water collection system was introduced, followed by the time limit management system, the automatic disposal alarm system, the “BIKKURA-PON! game (toys acquiring game) ” that delights the dining environment, touch screen ordering, express delivery lane, etc. Later, in order to effectively control the freshness of products and enhance safety and sanitation, the Company successfully developed and introduced “Sendo-kun (original sushi capsule) “, in 2011. The Company has continued to develop and introduce ingenious and innovative services, and leads the conveyor belt sushi industry.

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