In adherence to the concept of sustainable operation, the Company expects to give back to the society as much as possible while pursuing profitability, and becomes the benchmark in the catering industry.  Therefore, in accordance with the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles”, the Company actively implements corporate social responsibility policies, such as implementation of corporate governance, development of sustainable environment, maintenance of social welfare, the strengthening of Corporate Social Responsibility information disclosure, etc.

Social Charity

■ Hualien Earthquake Donation
The Hualien Earthquake on Feb. 6th, 2018 caused many buildings to collapse and casualties. The Company donated NT$1 million to the Hualien County Government and hoped that Hualien could rebuild its home.

■ Charible Activities
Organize blood donation, book donation, and community sweeping activities.

Human Rights Policy

■ Fair Workplace Environment
The Company is committed to providing equal working conditions, salary, and promotion opportunities, ensuring that employees are treated equally regardless of gender, age, marital status, family status, religion, and other differences.

■ Protection and Care of Vulneravble Groups
Provide a friendly workplace, arrange appropriate work, and through sincere caring, friends with disabilities can gain happiness and achievement at work.

■ Healthy and Safety Workplace
In order to provide employees with a healthy and safe workplace environment, besides regular employee health checks, the Company also abides by relevant laws and regulations, having measures, such as setting up warning signs and appropriate work flow arrangements in areas where accidents or workplace disasters are more likely to occur.

■ Labor-management Consultation
Labor-management consultation meetings allow labor and management to communicate fully and ensure the rights and interests of both parties. Moreover, the Company also provides employee mailboxes, through which employees can express their opinions, so that the Company can understand the status of employees in a timely manner and provide appropriate assistance and arrangements.

Employee Benefits

■ Welfare and Subsidies
Provide employees with labor and health insurance, pension provision, food expenses, transportation allowance, employee meal discounts, language certification allowance (only for N1 Japanese certification), and festivals bonuses.

■ Social Activities
In order to  make our employees enthusiastic in their service and work, the Company organizes sports events, stress relief courses, and various competitions from time to time to enhance the internal cohesion of the Company and cultivate good interpersonal relationships.


The company has established channels for communication and complaints for stakeholders to protect the rights and interests of stakeholders. Through this channel, we can understand the needs of stakeholders, respond to and deal with issues of concern from stakeholders immediately, and promote transparency and effectiveness of communication.

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