Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors of the Company is composed of seven directors (including three independent directors),elected by the shareholders meeting in accordance with the “Procedures for Election of Directors”,and the term is from June 27, 2022 to June 26, 2025.

Job Title Name Position
Chairman Parent Company KURA SUSHI, INC.
Representative: Kentaro Nishikawa
CEO of Kura Sushi Asia Co., Ltd.
Director of Kura Sushi Hong Kong Limited
Director Parent Company KURA SUSHI, INC.
Representative: Kazuto Kondo
Deputy CEO of Kura Sushi Asia Co., Ltd.
Executive Director and CEO of Kura Sushi Kura Sushi Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Director Parent Company KURA SUSHI, INC.
Representative: Nojima Shigeru
CFO of Kura Sushi Asia Co., Ltd.
Director Shinji Wanibe Chairman of Oasis F&B Consulting Company Limited
Independent Director Jason Liu "Partner Accountant of MRI
Chairman of Changhong Investment Co., Ltd.
Supervisor of Espoir Protechs Corporation
Supervisor of Espoir Tech International Corporation
Supervisor of Espoir Investment Corporation
Supervisor of Espoir MRT Corporation"
Independent Director Jun Ishikawa "Chief of Japanese Service Department, Crowe Horwath International
Representative Director of the Joint-stock Company Crowe ProC.A
Chairman of Yisiman Co., Ltd.
Director of the Joint-stock Company Kawasaki Mokkou
Outside Director of Asian Bridge Inc."
Independent Director Claire Lin Senior Researcher of Industrial Technology Research
Business Director of Commercialization and Industry Service Center
Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Plant Factory and Smart Agriculture Development Association
The diversity of the Board of Directors
  1. The diversity policy of the Board of Directors:

    Article 20 of the Code of Corporate Governance of the Company states that the composition of the Board of Directors shall take into account diversity. In addition to the fact that the number of directors who are also managers of the Company shall not exceed one-third of the total number of directors, appropriate diversity guidelines shall be formulated with respect to the Company's operation, business model and development needs, which shall include but not be limited to the following two major criteria:

    • Basic qualification and value: Age, gender, nationality, cultural background, etc.
    • Professional knowledge and skills: Professional background (e.g., law, accounting, industry, finance, marketing, or technology), professional skills, and industry experience, etc.

    To achieve the desired objectives of corporate governance, the Board of Directors as a whole shall possess competencies that include operational judgment, accounting and financial analysis, operational management, crisis management, industry knowledge, international market perspective, leadership and decision-making skills.

  2. The implementation of the diversity policy for the current members of the company's Board of Directors is as follows:
    Diversified CoreName of Director Composition of basic conditions (Note) Industry Experience and Professional Competence
    Nationality Gender With employeestatus Age Food, Beverage, and Service Industry Accounting and Finance Business Administration Industrial Research
    Age 41-50 Age 51-60 Age 61-70
    Kentaro Nishikawa
    Japan Male        
    Kazuto Kondo
    Japan Male        
    Nojima Shigeru
    Japan Male      
    Shinji Wanibe
    Japan Male          
    Independent Director
    Jason Liu
    R.O.C. Male            
    Independent Director
    Jun Ishikawa
    Japan Male            
    Independent Director
    Claire Lin
    R.O.C. Female            

    Current Board of Directors of the Company consists of 7 Directors. Four of these directors possess professional knowledge in the food and beverage service industry as well as practical experience in business management. They all have leadership and decision-making skills, crisis management, and international market perspective. Among them, one director, who does not concurrently serve as a manager in our company, has many years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Additionally, there are two Independent Directors with financial and accounting expertise, and one Independent Director who is currently the Business Director of the Commercialization Industrial Service Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute and has extensive experience in industry and academia. In summary, the overall qualifications and professional knowledge and skills of the Company's Board of Directors meet the diversity needs of operational development.

  3. Specific management objectives

    There are 5 directors with foreign nationality. The age distribution of the board members is 3 directors aged 41-50, and 3 director aged 61-70. There are 3 directors with employee status, accounting for 43% of the total. The company will increase the number of non-employee directors during the complete re-election of the Company’s 3th Board of Directors to achieve the specific management objective of diversifying the Company's Board of Directors. The Company also emphasizes gender equality in the composition of the Board of Directors. The current term of the Board of Directors includes one female member and the percentage of female directors reaches 14%. We will try our best to increase the number of female Directors.